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Suggestion Serena, listen and learn from NON-HYPHENATED AMERICANS..

..such as Thomas Sowell, Allen West, U.S. Senator Tim Scott (South Carolina -R), Herman Cain, Condoleezza Rice, et al that DID go through the horrors and have achieved. The individuals mentioned, HAVE and STILL DO “speak for themselves”.

The entire and complete situation in Missouri has yet to come forward, let IT COME FORWARD, WITHOUT the agitators of ALL “colors”, and occupations, professions that are now present.

Demonstrators March To Times Square To Protest Michael Brown’s Death In Missouri

NYC 1 Of 90 Cities Involved In National Moment Of Silence For Victims Of Police Brutality
From A protester:

One woman, Serena, was so angry about Brown’s death that she stood on a trash can in the middle of Times Square so she could be heard.

“Eric Garner, Trayvon (Martin), Sean Bell, Rodney King – they can no longer speak for themselves, so we got to raise our voices,” she said.

The Bronx resident was on her way home from work when she ran into the march.

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Uhh, that’s a no parking area sir!

Staten Island, New York, NY, US

May 29, 2014, 12:21 PM GMT 32m

Photo: A train in Staten Island, NY, that derailed today, injuring 2 people; no passengers were on board – @MyFoxNY

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Well for God’s sake, ask the father..

Feds mum on next move in battle with Nev. rancher

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How Nobel. Aren’t you forgetting those children so afflicted! I mean Effing A..

Chili’s cancels fundraiser with National Autism Association

  @AaronSmithCNN April 7, 2014: 12:58 PM ET

chilis autism

Why you ask..

The restaurant chain Chili’s canceled a fundraiser with the National Autism Association because of customer feedback.

Based on..

In recent decades the decision of whether or not parents should vaccinate their children has become controversial because some have linked vaccinations to autism. Many opponents of vaccinations base their beliefs on a 1998 study that was declared fraudulent by a leading British medical journal.

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Keeeyrist, can ya’ blame ’em?

When a very frequent ‘lounge’ “lizard” and I spotted a “bearded lady”, I had another drink, shook my head, mumbled ‘holy shit’ and walked, no, RAN away..

Male lizards tend to steer clear of bearded lady lizards

Trust science on this: Guys are generally not eager to mate with a high-testosterone bearded lady.  

But what goes on with other animals that share “male” ornamentation? Do the females pay a heavy price for aping the decoration of their sexual counterparts? If so, why would that trait survive?

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Yeah Sure Pervert!

Kenyan Pastor Bans Females From Wearing Underwear To ‘More Easily Receive Spirit Of Jesus’…


Child Dental Fears? Whatta’ ’bout NOT SO “child”, huh? HEY, I’m an Anti-Dentite!

Calm child's dental fears

Calm child’s dental fears


TWO impacted bottom wisdom teeth. Oral surgery. Stitches. Stitches break. Neighbors see, a flaying DUMMY <wisdom teeth gone, remember!) in his yard.

Neighbor comes to help. Still bleeding and gagging on BLOOD.

Calls EMT’S. EMT’S, ‘hey dude, just try to relax, here, just sit in this lawn chair, head down, breath deeply and try to calm down’.

As I attempt to sit, in the lawn chair, the GODDAMN chair comes apart. EMT’S look down, as DUMMY falls and sits on his ass, ON the lawn and say ‘just ain’t your day, sir’ and CHUCKLE.

DIRTY (VERY) look given. Stuff 64 ¼YARDS of gauze in mouth. Holding head down and deep breaths. Becoming somewhat calm.

EMT’S suggest ME driving to ER at short distance hospital. ME, calm enough to do so.

Arrive at ER. Told, you have to wait so we can notify the ORAL (HACK) Surgeon. Two hours or so, HACK HE arrives. Re-stiches, wait once AGAIN, get the all clear to drive. Back at ranch and alive at that.

Hey Kramer, “ANTI-DENTITE”, is a damn nice way to say, I DESPISE the ROTTEN *&$%’ing Bastids!

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Ya’ know, Yakov Smirnoff as the Russian comedian who pumps his arms, exclaims ‘What a country’..

..Was absolutely correct. “What a country”. Where else in and on the Big Blue Orb, could a person, (Oh Hell, what’s that dudes name? Yeah the dopey lookin’ one, with glasses) as some have said, co-opt (see the definition of STEAL) an idea, name it Microsoft, then create something called Internet Explorer and THEN find out that Internet Explorer must have, 835,327 and ¾ PATCHES (and counting) AND BECOME AN EFFIN’ BILLIONAIRE!

You were and are right on target, Yakov Smirnoff. OH and the VODKA ain’t bad, either. ‘Cause I just tried to SHARE a previous post, ONE FUCKING TIME and wound up SHARING that post with half the population in PERSIA!

Should just buy an APPLE, but I’d eat the damn thing!

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