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Let’s see now, how long before we hear screams of; ‘holi cowz’ thees is to col’..


Feds Fly Illegals to Alaska...


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Violent MS-13 gang recruiting at Arizona facility...
Amnesty, work permits for 5 million could be ordered 'within weeks'...
Visa overstays to be excused...

A solution maybe?



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Come On Rahm! “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel quotes..

SHOCK POLL: Rahm Emanuel falls 24 points behind potential rival…

9 points behind teachers union president…

Hey Bertha Butts, if you win, you had better make Spanish MANDATORY in schools up there, because:

U.S. Senator Kirk claims 429 Illegal border kids in Chicago

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This Just In! Brand spanking new U.S. Citizenship Form..

Are You A U.S. Citizen?


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Wayyyyy to many dogmeat tacos I’d say..

‘Non-partisan’ Tequila Party wants to prosecute ‘tea party terrorists’


Murietta counter protesters want to ‘blast’ racist white people


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This stuff gonna’ works out real gooder. Espere a MUCHOS conductores borrachos sobre los caminos, esto sólo habla y entiende el español. Si Senor..



Appeals court blocks Arizona’s denial of driver’s licenses for young immigrants – @AP

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You know, there is a chance for you, IF..


VStiv: I'll be President of US

VStiv: I’ll be President of US

..the drug habits of Americans continue to increase, the drug lords from Mexico continue their infiltration into the U.S. to sell their products, AND our borders continue to be OPEN, you just may have THAT CHANCE TRAMP!


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I would take a guess that the Russians..

Peter Coy / Businessweek:
Is Russia Pulling Money Out of U.S. for Safekeeping?

..choose not to have any of their money in the U.S. confiscated for things such as, “free phones”, paid for services bestowed upon the brand “new citizens” of the U.S., more then enough ballots to make sure that everyone gets to have their votes count at least ten times in future elections, payoff money to solidify those that choose to stay in political office FOREVER, may do so. Why wouldn’t the Russians pull their money out?

Why does the U.S. have naval vessels cruising the Black Sea? Simple, it is to counteract the Russian naval vessels that ply our Great Lakes and major rivers. 

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