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If, IF you believe the Negro of dubious birth is. From floopy eared TO floppy asshole..

..just wait until YOU low life Americans choose tRUMP as YOUR leader..

22 Times Obama Admin Declared Climate Change a Greater Threat than Terrorism

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Slight change in spelling, to reflect the truism of these assholes. You PUNKS male, female, trans, deserve no better treatment then/than (pick one) the islammies. DONE! See Ya’!

Aww! Football team microaggression disappoints #Am-hearse’tUprising special snowflakes

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Mass. woman wins fight to wear colander in driver’s license by citing ‘pastafarian’ religion


Bruce, uhhhh Caitlyn is that you pictured?


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Remaining schedule of the uni. of missery football team. The opponents MUST remember..

if you elect to WIN these games, your WIN will be deemed “HURTFUL”, your teams will be labelled RACIST AND 911 WILL BE CALLED! YES that includes 911 in away game in Arkansas.

Oh and ummm, sport reporting WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!


Nov 14 BYU 7:30 pm SECN Available from $13
Nov 21 Tennessee 7:15 pm Available from $20
Nov 27 @Arkansas 2:30 pm

The email says if it is an emergency situation of “hurtful” speech not to call campus police but to dial 911.

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Condolences To The Family On The Death of, _________, ________, ________, 911 was answering an “EMERGENCY Hurtful Speech” report

Missouri Meltdown Continues: Campus Police Want Emergency Reports on ‘Hurtful Speech’

The campus police at the University of Missouri sent out a campus-wide email this morning asking “individuals who witness of hateful and/or hurtful speech or actions” to immediately report the incident to them.

The email did not define what constitutes “hurtful” speech but did say if anyone experiences or hears it they are immediately get in touch with cops and also provide “a detailed description of the individual(s) involved” along with the “license plate and vehicle descriptions…” Also, “If possible and if it can be done safely, take a photo of the individual(s) with your cell phone.”

The email says if it is an emergency situation of “hurtful” speech not to call campus police but to dial 911.

Ever mindful of student distractions, even to emergency incidents of “hurtful” speech, the email says, “Delays, including posting information to social media, can often reduce the chances of identifying the responsible parties.”

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All of the above brought to YOU by:

Barry Soetoro is no longer registered to vote in D.C. -

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Why in the hell, would anyone except IMBECILES walk on TRAIN TRACKS, HUH!? You just can’t fix STUPID!



2 pedestrians struck by train as they walked down tracks in east Muncie, Ind. – @DouglasWalkerSP

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Twat did you say? Opps, WHAT. Stupid BITCHES!!!





Feminist Designs ‘P*ssy Purses’ To Fight ‘Manspreading’ – Beyoncé Is A Fan

The word twat is vulgar slang for the human vulva

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