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Total Fabrication say harry. Just maybe I’m going to speak to mr. “Light Skinned” and hope he doesn’t come out with the “negro dialect”..

Obamacare Threatens to Cancel 90,000 Nevadans’ Insurance Plans

Them paybacks are a bitch, ain’t they harry moron?

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Wher be da harirys one on dis or do he have a Kochs in his mouh!?

Nevada officials blast feds over treatment of cattle rancher Cliven Bundy

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One Of The Reconstruction Era Negroes Speak Out. peeps if one chooses to call, these, is yessa massa bary, i gets dem..

Holder claims 'vast amount' of discretion in enforcing laws...
Clashes With Rep on Contempt: 'You Don't Want to Go There, Buddy'...

Hey eric stepin fechit BUDDY, you jus could be hanging from a tree, “BUDDY” and that is just for YOUR TOTAL FUCK UP OF FAST AND FURRY (is dat howz you negro would sa dat)! OH ands lois KNEEPAD lerner, dat yo ain’t gona doss shiz abou..

..Negroes such as, were put into positions WAYYYYY beyond their intellect, by WHITE NORTHERN LIBERAL LEFTISTS, AS AN IN YOUR FACE to the South. Well, Guess What, Back To The Future thanks to, dare I say PEOPLE off the sperm on the bed sheets of the past.

One prime example of this type ‘person’ IS harry kochsucker reid

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AND, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that hairy weed will be dead, D.E.A.D. “within three years”..

Dan Steinberg / DC Sports Bog:
Harry Reid predicts Redskins name changes within three years

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Yucca is where you SHOULD be sitting, harry, NOT the U.S. Senate..

Yahoo! News:

Reid says GOP may have helped Russia annex Crimea  —  WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says Republicans may have helped Russia annex Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula.

harry meets Yucca Mountain

Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository. Location nevada.

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Regardless of how one thinks of the Ukraine/Crimea happening, Harry Reid and the Democrats are more Vladimir Putin and Russian purists, than is Vladimir Putin and the Russian purists!


Facing tough Senate races, Reid, fellow Dems turn their attack on Koch brothers

When an individual OR a group of individuals CANNOT promote their policies and justification of those policies, as acceptable to Americans, it becomes the tried and true ‘divide and conquer’. The only place for Harry and his comrades is/are (pick one):

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Harry the Moron..

Dems in disarray over Obamacare…

No worries harry, itsa’ one size fits all thing..

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Showing that I am NOT SEXIST, I present the MALE Lena Dumbstupiduglyham..

Harry Reid’s Single-Minded Attack on the Koch Brothers Shows Democrat Desperation   tpnn

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