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You know, I do believe those folks in Colorado government been smokin’ that now legal WEED, for a long damn time. ‘Hey Dudes, Got Any Munchies’..

PROPERTY FIGHT County may seize couple’s land using eminent domain

Jan. 24, 2014: Andy and Ceil Barrie stand for a photo next to their mining cabin near Breckenridge, Colo. AP via

The view from the deck of the small, century-old cabin was a dream come true for Andy and Ceil Barrie — a sweeping panorama of 13,000 and 14,000-foot peaks towering above the forest of centuries-old bristlecone pines.

It convinced the couple to buy a 3-bedroom home in a subdivision below, where they could live year-round, and the 10-acre parcel surrounding the cabin in the midst the White River National Forest.

Now the county government, alarmed that the couple drives their ATV up a 1.2-mile old mining road to the cabin, wants to take the Barrie’s land — and it’s doing so by claiming eminent domain. Rather than using the practice of government seizure of private property to promote economic development, the county is using it to preserve open space.
As the gentleman known as Instapundit says, READ THE WHOLE THING. Yeah Yeah I know,  Glenn Reynolds. Cut me some slack, huh!


I’m a Joker, I’m a Smoker, I’m a Midnight Toker..

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Go right ahead “FOES”, we need to get rid of a few MILLIONS of you ANYWAY..


Keystone foes vow civil disobedience

ENVIRONMENTALISTS and other opponents of the Keystone XL Pipeline ramp up opposition to the project after the release of a largely favorable State Department report — vowing vigils and acts of civil disobedience.

Fellow Democrats press Obama to approve Keystone following environmental report

White House says not so fast amid calls for approval  < this half Kenyan is going to tie this to RACISM, OR This will devastate my islamic brothers! I tells ya’!

VIDEO: Is Keystone one step closer to reality? 

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His mind, with the exception of selling and making Boo-Coo bucks his Weird Network News, has been “vegan” for a damn long time..


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Proof that you cannot cure the diseased minds of Leftists..

Keystone XL protest planned in Nebraska

UPI Jul 26, 2013 3:54:45 AM PT

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As the worthy United Negro College Fund, states: “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”. Guess what’s with the Greenies and the Left in total..

Desperation: Green groups asking begging State Dept to redo their Keystone XL report by Erika Johnsen

But, but — “significant new information”!

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Soon, China will Reap The Benefits Of The Canadian Oil Boom AND Barry Still Will Not Approve, Keystone. With Praise From The Left Green Communists..

China Reaping Biggest Benefits of Iraq’s Oil Boom…

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Hey Barry! Howz’ about APPROVING that Keystone Pipeline? The psychological effect? One, give hope to those..

..That need WORK (see below, it’s in Arabic). Two, the ECONOMY! When you and your Alinsky Gang, from Chicago  aren’t busy, shredding the U.S. Constitution, that is.. 

Gasoline prices here jumped by 10 cents overnight! I don’t give two damns what your Leftist Elitists (green commies) say! Those people, have work, if you want to call people that play FAKE people on the tube, or movies WORK!

Just in case, Barry  وَظِيفَة (Arabic for the word WORK). You told the American people, God knows how many times, that WORK (meaning JOBS) would be top priority, which in turn would boost the economy in REAL TERMS!

I know, I know..Math is hard, Psychology is way above your brain power, evidently 


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“Has Become”? When has “oil NOT been “a Geopolitical Weapon”?

FedEx CEO: ‘Oil Has Become a Geopolitical Weapon’ by MICHAEL PATRICK LEAHY

Certainly NOT a “geopolitical” genius here but, the only nation that I see on the chart below that should not be construed as A practitioner of geopolitical weapon usage is, Canada.

There is one nation not listed that does participate in the geopolitical weapon GAME and that nation with its current administration and ‘green commies’ to assist is, the United States of America! 

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