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Yes Greta, just where in the hell are they?

Last night we reported on a 78 year old Jewish woman who was the victim of KNOCK OUT crime – why are our leaders MIA on this?

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She is busy-busy people. Especially the next 11 to 12 days and evenings preparing for her annual, scare the pee-jeebers outta’ ya’ Halloween evening visit staked out in her home state’s cornfields..

BRUSHING OFF CONGRESS? Sebelius pressed to testify on website woes

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Yep, Looney Tunes. Terrible happening but Looney Tunes..

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Let us compare pictures. Pretty damn close, aren’t they!

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Reminder: Halloween is just around the corner. Is this a great mask or what!


Joyce Carol Oates reveals real culprits behind shootings (Hint: Not the shooters)

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This IS the face, of a very mentally ill woman, her eyes give her away. Waking up next to these eyes and this face, makes men want to become, MONKS!

Actress Debi Mazar supports gun buyback programs



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And you wonder why, today IS National Tequila Day?

Organs from man with rabies transplanted into four people


Ordinarily, below is what is called, a ‘Diametrical Opposition’ unless of course someone in D.C. is overly fond of islam..

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