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nbc ? nbc, presenting NEWS that doesn’t involve kissing barry ? Whoda’ Thunk It !



2nd owner claims dog fed harmful substance at Britain’s Crufts competition – @NBCNews

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Why Is This Person Not In Custody Awaiting Trial?!

Huge trove of ‘destroyed’ Lois Lerner emails discovered…

Criminal probe launched…

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Fair Trial If Convicted Hang This Vile Bastard From Nearest Light Pole IMMEDIATELY !!

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What A Criminal Did During A Robbery Was Straight Out Of Mission Impossible.

JANUARY 28, 2015
The man they’d been tailing, the white old man, was in fact Solomon Zemichael Teklie. A 40-year-old black man from Ethiopia.
Using a pellet gun to steal the car and $1,100 in total from the banks in Edmonton, Canada, Soloman's crime spree was very short lived. But incredibly memorable.

According to the prosecutor: “I don’t know where this mask was made, I don’t know where it came from, but it’s uncanny how much it looks like a real person. It was so realistic that each witness on this file thought that Mr. Teklie was white. He is not white.”

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That Ain’t Nice, Brand New barry CITIZENS!


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And, the description OF THE assailants New York Daily News IS ?????????

Orthodox Jewish man attacked at Brooklyn train station in apparent hate crime

The 53-year-old, identified as an Israeli tourist, was called a ‘dirty bloody Jew’ and a ‘f—ing Jew’ by his assailants, one of which beat him with his own umbrella in Williamsburg at the Marcy Ave. station before 4 p.m. Monday. The three fled on a Manhattan-bound train after a bystander intervened and was also attacked.


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‘If I Had A Brother AND HE IS, He Would Look Like’..

.. thug Kevin Darden — who has more than 30 arrests, including for trying to set his brother’s house on fire.

Violent parolee wanted in deadly subway shove

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When the intruders are apprehended, trial, immediate execution by beating, hanging or firing squad, PERIOD!


Sacramento County sheriff’s spokeswoman Sgt. Lisa Bowman said the sheriff’s report reflected Girion’s account. Investigators had little to go on in terms of a description of the intruders because the home was dark, and the victim and witness were unable to get a good look at the intruders, she said. The suspects were described only as men of average height – 5 feet, 10 inches to 6 feet tall – and medium build.

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