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Wow, McCain wants Batshit, ina’ wheelchair. Howz’ about ALL of YOU SILLY ASSES (including Barry) ridding the planet of Islamist terror, once and for all! NOT the ‘fake death’ Barry indicated..

McCain: Strike Must Cripple Assad

Sen. McCain emerges with White House meeting on Syria with guarded optimism, but, along with Sen. Graham, says any US military strike on Syria must be focused on ousting Assad from power.

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Translation: ‘Let us see if the US Congress is as stupid as its leader’. ‘Abdul, soon we shall have NEW weapons paid by Great Satan, Usama will smile..

Syrian opposition coalition calls on US Congress to support military intervention, says should be accompanied by effort to better arm rebels – @Reuters


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Congress to your pal barry, described below, Johnny Boy. You should know that by now..

Justin Sink / The Hill:




Having no meaning or significance.

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Insert the sound of a “rubber stamp”, stamping. Don’t believe that Boehner knows the correct definition of A Caveman..

Matthew Boyle / BREITBART.COM:

 While House Speaker John Boehner is keeping a tight lid on his personal position on immigration reform, conservative activists and lawmakers fear the Republican leader may rubber-stamp Democrats …

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What Budget? The Democrats are “cockroaches” as David Webb indicated!

USA Today

WASHINGTON — A brief reprieve in the fiscal battles between President Obama and a divided Congress will allow two contentious and politically divisive domestic issues — guns and immigration — to take center stage in the national debate this spring.

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Al Jazeera Gore must be close to the D.C. area..

IT WOULD BE BETTER PR TO SCHEDULE THESE ONLY IN JULY: Congressional global warming hearing canceled due to D.C. snowstorm. Because I think this isn’t the first time this has happened.

Con may refer to: Confidence trick, also known as con, scam, or flim flam. GressNew term used to describe stagnant. Lack of movement forward or backward.


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