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“It was not the appropriate course of action to take,” he said. Really? Now you determined that? Howz’ about the 9 other dudes, sport!?

‘Hero’ Offered Job Back — What About Supporters?

Tomas Lopez offered job back after being fired for saving rogue swimmer, but 9 other lifeguards remain jobless..

“I am of the opinion that the supervisors acted hastily, ” Ellis said. “It was not the appropriate course of action to take,” he said.

The fate of nine other lifeguards, who either quit in solidarity or were fired for stating publicly that they would also do as Lopez did, is not clear.

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Necrophilia (n): An erotic attraction to corpses.


Notice the blurb says “asking”, NOT demanding! The place has gone nucking futs and NOT just in this case..

Indiana congressman looks into possible ‘misinterpretation‘ after pantry loses aid for asking clients to pray

An Indiana congressman is looking into possible “misinterpretation” of federal guidelines after a local food pantry was cut off from federal aid for asking clients to pray, has learned.

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