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Seriously, this asshole is guilty of inciting stupidity and that’s dangerous within the Lefty mind..

Chris Matthews: Conservatives Want to End Minority Vote

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Seems like American’ized Africans want to turn the U.S. into Liberia, Kenya, Somalia DONUT? And they back a Mullato.

 Diane Glidewell /

Civil rights icons pump Obama in Forsyth  —  Lowery: Don’t think whites going to heaven  —  UPDATED TO INCLUDE MAYOR’S COMMENTS: 5 p.m.  —  Two icons of the civil rights movement visited Forsyth on Saturday to campaign for the reelection of Barack Obama.
 Jim Treacher / The Daily Caller:

Yeah, me too.  —  Question: How do you lay a guilt trip on somebody who’s already damned?  Hey, white folks, if you’re headed to Hell regardless, you may as well vote the way you want.  —  Hat tip to the Georgia Tipsheet, which notes that last week, Lowery said: “If Obama was white …
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DUH! Shh, don’t tell ’em..

White House sends storm victims to Internet for help…

When President Barack Obama urged Americans under siege from Hurricane Sandy to stay inside and keep watch on for the latest, he left out something pretty important where to turn if the electricity goes out.

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