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Another candidate enters the RACE! There WILL BE A PUSH for him, TO DO SO!!

Edward-Isaac Dovere / Politico:

Barack Obama: ‘I think if I ran, I would win’  —  ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia – Four more years?  —  President Barack Obama said Tuesday that he’s confident he could win a third term, if only the Constitution would let him run.  —  Story Continued Below  —  “I actually think I’m a pretty good president.


Only the start of a very hot summer season. Wonder if loretta lynchme will investigate this..

OR, as one officer is white, you know, ‘FEH, he had it coming’ and with the young Black officer, ‘Nahh, we kill our own everyday in BaltiMORON, Chicago, NYC, L.A. and on and on..’

This barry hussein fella’ and his close advisor’s, one being al sharpone, have accomplished wonderful things in this race relations, stuff huh!

Two officers killed during Mississippi traffic stop, suspects in custody

  • POLICE OFFICERS Benjamin Deen, center, and Liquori Tate were shot and killed in Mississippi Saturday night during a routine traffic stop, leading to a statewide manhunt and the arrests of two suspects — Marvin Banks (inset, top) and his brother Curtis.

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espn. Everyday Pissing Program Network! Sports? Wha’s dat? ifins it aint black its don counts..

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The U.S. has a half assed AFRICAN spouting the same shit, why does the U.S. need a WHOLE ASSED AFRICAN, spouting the SAME SHIT..

..Do either of these racist race baiters understand Africans, half or otherwise, KILLING other Africans, half or otherwise, every GOD DAMN SINGLE DAY, here IN the U.S. and, ready…AFRICA!

New ‘DAILY SHOW’ Host Joked USA Worse Than Apartheid South Africa…

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Awww Gee, To Bad Triple Lip NEGRO, JEW HATER, HUH!? Whas yu gonna’ say to al, jeremiah, al, jesse, susiekins, val ans da res of you Jew hatin peepes.., huh!!!!!


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Racism, will be heard in 3-2-1. It’s the barry, eric, valerie, susie, dyson, al, jesse, naacp way. Race is the ONLY thing barry, et al, have brought TO the USA. I suggest THESE TYPES MOVE to Liberia. Founded by FREE AFRICAN SLAVES, Go For It newly minted Liberians!!!!

WH: Lynch delay ‘unconscionable’ I understand Liberia is lovely this time of year. OH, when you arrive, found or rename a city IN LIBERIA, ferguson..


Lying racist bastard, just like barry. Lemme see now aliases eric would have used. malcolm x, malcolm y, malcolm z..


United States Department of Justice

Mar 10, 2015, 10:16 PM GMT 37m

Report: Official says Attorney General Eric Holder used 3 official Justice Department email aliases over past 6 years; says it was in effort to prevent spam, not to avoid transparency – @HuffPostPol

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Really ? Wow ! What Does barry BUTT buddy and close adviser owe, huh !?

Jon Swaine / Guardian:
Ferguson judge behind aggressive fines policy owes $170,000 in unpaid taxes

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