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Boat still docked elsewhere avoiding those taxes, johnny?

Kerry: ‘It’s a Mistake‘ for Israel to Demand a Jewish State

Secretary of State John Kerry told the House Committee on Foreign Affairs on Thursday afternoon that it is a “mistake” for people to raise the issue of whether Palestinians would agree to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. The Israeli government has insisted that Palestinians do so as part of an agreement, while Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and the nations of the Arab League have all rejected Israel’s demand.        by Joel B. Pollak                          

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Judenhass Buchanan, kind of, eh? Pat Buchanan has come in for quite a bit of criticism over the years for remarks about Israel and American Jews.

Pat Buchanan Trusts Iran More than Israel

Buchanan said that “the Israelis and the neocons and McCain and all the Saudis and all the rest of them” share a common policy, namely: “They don’t want a deal; they don’t want a détente. They want the United States to maintain sanctions on them to break the regime and possibly go to war and finish off Iran.” By contrast, he believes that “[t]he Iranians want a deal…and I don’t think they want a nuclear weapon.”

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In that, Barry, Hillary and Kerry AGREE! Historical facts say, that there are NO legitimate peoples named “palestinians”..

Palestinians say no peace talks without ’67 borders agreement…

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Terrible at Math as you stated. You and YOUR racist Black brethren do know this is 2013, NOT 1913, NOT 1813, correct?

..However you said: “If I had a son……….” and I’ll be damned, if YOU didn’t start the ball rolling, BACK TO 1913, 1813!

“Set of experiences” . You do know that in your HALF-Black Heritage, Africans still hold..ready? Other Africans as SLAVES! OH and what THEY do NOT hold as slaves, Arabs aka Islamists aka Terrorists (see Dzhokhar Tsarnaev ) DO, OR they just kill, rape and behead! and Gosh, just looked at a calendar and WOW! IT STILL SAYS 2013

“doesn’t go away”. Correct and the ABOVE is a cause, but then, unless we are mistaken, and I don’t think WE are..YOU kinda’ sorta’ through acts, deeds and words FAVOR those happenings, especially the “Arabs aka Islamists aka Terrorists………….”

Obama addresses Trayvon Martin case in briefing room

Published July 19, 2013

President Obama publicly and personally addressed the Trayvon Martin case for the first time since George Zimmerman was acquitted nearly a week ago, saying the black community is seeing the case through a “set of experiences” that “doesn’t go away.”

Obama addressed the case during a surprise appearance in the White House briefing room on Friday. He said he wanted to give some “context” to the controversy.

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Eat Some, Louie..What’s not to like, huh?

Farrakhan: Genetically Modified Food Kills

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Listen for what he says, when in Arab/Islam Land..

Obama vows unwavering support for Israel

AP Mar 20, 2013 6:47:05 AM PT via

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Hey Ahmadinejad, I think your 12th imam has been found..


In a Nov. 8, 2007 speech to the Center for Strategic and International Studies, then-Sen. Chuck Hagel likened the U.S. to a “schoolyard bully,” adding that none of the presidential candidates in the 2008 race were “speaking to the great challenges of our time” because they were competing to take a hard line on Iran’s nuclear program. by JOEL B. POLLAK

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And the reason is, spreading Jew Hatred, correct?

Israel to award Obama Medal of Distinction thehill

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