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Just in case one did not know OR understand this..


I despise this foul bastard, second only to barry!

The “Establishment” vs. Trump — and the People

With his HANGIN GULLET Umm, Oh Yeah..GULLET..

  1. the passage by which food passes from the mouth to the stomach; the esophagus.
    synonyms: esophagus, throat, maw, pharynx; More

    tRUMP is synonymous with GULLET and DAT D’ONT COUNT HIS, whatever passes for a BRAIN, IF the FUCKHEAD has one!!!!!!!!!!!

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Throughout OUR nation’s history their have been abhorrent people, male and female..

..This ASSHOLE has the distinction of being of two centuries (and yes there have been others) 20th and 21st..

Trump escalates Megyn Kelly feud with ‘bimbo’ tweet

On to another ASSHOLE, BOTH with “New York Values” as Ted Cruz stated.

Trump and Bloomberg: Old friends no more?


Scarborough: ‘I’d rather set myself on fire’ than attend debate with Megyn Kelly

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Just may tune in, NOW..

Fox Mocks..LMFAO

the network poked fun at Trump in a satirical statement: “We learned from a secret back channel that the Ayatollah and Putin both intend to treat Donald Trump unfairly when they meet with him if he becomes president. A nefarious source tells us that Trump has his own secret plan to replace the Cabinet with his Twitter followers to see if he should even go to those meetings.”

Donald Trump ‘most likely’ will skip Thursday’s debate


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To quote the bloviator: “if there’s going to be a bubble popping, I hope they pop before I become president . First off bright boy if it is “A bubble”…Why would “THEY” as a word choice be used? HUH? HUH!..

Gosh’ems doesn’t want the responsibility, if and when things go South? We The People already have someone like that in charge, tRUMP!

Trump says U.S. economy in a ‘bubble’ he doesn’t want to inherit

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Un Frikkin Believable..

A 17-year-old girl was sexual assaulted – risks punishment for protecting herself  speisa 


The Danish TV channel TV Syd reports that a 17-year-old girl from Sønderborg on Wednesday night was assaulted and attempted raped by an immigrant.

The girl now risk being fined because she protected herself against the assailant with pepper spray when he tried to pull her pants off to rape her.

Use of pepper spray is illegal in Denmark, and the girl now risks being charged with violation of the Firearms Act.


Oh-Oh..sunnis say shia boy is APOSTATE..

‘PRAY FOR ME’: Iran’s President Rouhani asks Pope Francis for his support during European trip

HASSAN ROUHANI asked Pope Francis for his prayers, as the Iranian president worked to secure new business during a four-day European tour to boost his country’s image, following the lifting of sanctions over a secretive nuclear program.

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The Preeminent One Speaks..

Dr. Thomas Sowell Did Some Serious Homework on Donald Trump — Now He’s Made a Decision

Today’s big puzzle is how so many otherwise rational people have become enamored of Donald Trump, projecting onto him virtues and principles that he clearly does not have, and ignoring gross defects that are all too blatant.

There was a time when someone who publicly mocked a handicapped man would have told us all we needed to know about his character, and his political fling would have been over. But that was before we became a society where common decency is optional.

Read it all here:



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Umm, I don’t Blame Him. I mean, uhh, she could scare buzzards of a shit wagon..

Cops: Iowan, 33, Battered Husband When He Declined Her Request To Have Sex

An Iowa woman bit and scratched her husband when he declined to have sex with her, according to cops who arrested the suspect for domestic battery.


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