The Unmitigated Asshat Speak’eth..Soo umm, tRUMP do ya’ thinks the Leftocrats will treat you “FAIRLY”, HUH!?

Donald Trump Signs Pledge Not To Mount Independent White…/donald-trump-third-par…

The Huffington Post

Sep 3, 2015 – NEW YORK — Donald Trump signed a pledge on Thursday to back the Republican presidential nominee and not to run as an independent …

Donald Trump signs RNC loyalty pledge –…/donald-trump-2016-rnc-pledge-meeting/


Sep 3, 2015 – New York (CNN) Donald Trump has signed the pledge. The Republican presidential front-runner met privately with Republican National …

Trump signs pledge not to run as independent in 2016 | Fox ……/rnc-presses-trump-to-pledge-no…

Fox News Channel

Sep 3, 2015 – Donald Trump announced Thursday he has signed a GOP pledge not to run as an independent in 2016, after a personal appeal from the Republican Party chairman. “I have signed the pledge,” Trump said, holding it up. … Christie signs RNC party loyalty pledge on Fox News.

Laura Meckler / Wall Street Journal:
Donald Trump: Open to Independent Bid if GOP Doesn’t Treat Him ‘Fairly’

Discussion: Political Wire

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