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Waaaa-Waaaa-Waaaa. “mommie nobody wikes me, don’t wet me pla”. Waaaa-Waaaa-Waaaa..

Donald dismisses ‘dishonest’ reporting on polling…

A Day of Empty Seats and Donald Trump in Full Attack

Marco Rubio: Trump Is A “Touchy And Insecure” Guy Who’s Not Informed On The Issues

Change widdle donnies diaper and give him his pacifier..

Go seepy donnie be good widdle boy..

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tRUMP, master of bloviation. And he wonders why he is “sliding”? Greasy assholes like him always slide..

It's confirmed. Donald Trump is sliding in the polls.

It’s confirmed. Donald Trump is sliding in the polls.   redstate 

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$20.00 dollar “dress” $2,180 just to cover her fat ass. And she says to barry, I still ain’t proud! Fat Asses Matter!!!

Michelle O Wore $2300 Dress…


Tons of good news this Thursday..



Stampede kills more than 700 at Hajj pilgrimage near Mecca…


Obviously The Rat Has Better Sense Than The DARKIE..

‘Pizza Rat’ Enchants Social Media

‘Pizza Rat’ Enchants Social Media

Police: Iowa Man Who Was ‘Chewing on a Condom’ Arrested for Punching a Cop

Police: Man Who Was ‘Chewing on a Condom’ Arrested for Punching a Cop

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She Is A Stupid BITCH Person Of The DARK KIND AND A BITCH!!

Female rapper airline meltdown…

Attacks passenger…

Launches foul mouthed tirade on flight attendant…

Your Heritage Homeland Wouldn’t Want You Either, STUPID BITCH, OR IS THAT HO, in YOUR LANGUAGE?!!!

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Fixed that for ya, sarah..

Sarah Kliff  CLIT/ Vox:

Carly Fiorina is wrong about the Planned Parenthood tapes.  I know because I watched them.  —  Carly Fiorina gave a harrowing description of the Planned Parenthood sting videos at Wednesday’s Republican debate.  She challenged Barack Obama to watch “a fully formed fetus on the table …

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Agree 200 percent. Beats anything the U.S. has…

'Put Thatcher on 10 dollar bill'...

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