Did You Really Believe SCROTUM Would Vote ANY OTHER WAY?

I mean Johnny Roberts cast his vote EARLY, when HE says ‘uhh, whatever barry want he gots it’..

Look at all the neat stuff that barry is proud of. Wez can uses da word nigger, val with commie background and barry’s HATRED fo JEWS mean persia can buils dem nukes for Israel!

Yu knows, jeremiah “THEM JEWS”, jesse “HYMIETOWN” ans ALL JEW HATERS, black, white, brown, green, purple, red, ans evens MULATTO liks barry.

Bans dis flag

Buts dis one OKssss

Next flag dat RACIS IS

‘Cause onl one dat coun is dis ons

U nos alls denmm AFRICANS dat wan to kils white, brown, red, yellow, purple, blue, BRING IT AFRICANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Needs to reducs dat 13% downs to 7, uhh maybes 5 %.


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