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Pisser Eh BITCH? Toooo Fucking Funny. RACIS BATHROOMS, HUH?



Water main problem shuts down several bathrooms at Pimlico Race Course ahead of upcoming running of the Preakness – @baltimoresun

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eyes agre, gag dat black HO..


Celebrity Freddie Gray prosecutor Marilyn Mosby wants a gag order


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Fixed that for ya..

Russian US Government Confirms Degradation of Russian U.S. Health Care Since Putin barry Invaded Ukraine  the USA  interpretermag 

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Well see dats NIGGRA. us gets it ober dem fre phones..Myab she barry momma..

Feds to allow ordering food stamps over phone…


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Don’t give a damn what the jury indicated! Have barry dressed in his finest, isis outfit AND..

..behead this mother fucker, place his head on his back, snap a BARRY SELFIE and be done with it..OH, send the PIC to isis..


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There IS a possibility that this evil person was waiting just..

..for the right moment PSYCHO was on a mission to break the death toll record set by an EQUAL PSYCHO that took that aircraft into the Alps..

Amtrak engineer keeps silent as NTSB reveals deadly speed just before crash


When will B. Hussein admit that he WAS born in Kenya..

..Because EVERYTHING he says and does PROVES his HATRED and RACIST ATTITUDE for the USA and WHITE Folk..

Obama Complains to UN About America’s ‘Human Rights’ Violations

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Even IF this proves TRUE, it will not change a DAMN THING! Like Dr. Ben Carson stated..


Report: Obama lied about bin Laden raid By Mark Hensch


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