The Left Never Stops, EXCEPT when it comes to, ohh say, barry and other assorted Leftists..

..Like elizabeth ‘I swear I’m a Cherokee’ warren, hillary, so what if Saul adored me’ clinton, “black lives matter” EXCEPT for everyday robberies, rapes, murders, in Black “no-go” areas. Fed’s spying? Shirley you jest. Illegals? Subversion of the U.S. Constitution, by EDICT? and on and on and on and on..

BUT a potential Republican candidate for a REAL PRESIDENT, the Left “investigates”.


As Scott Walker mulls White House bid, questions linger over college exit

Hey, Lefty Post, have you tried to pry into the barry, ‘I ain’t gonna’ release my college stuffs’ ‘Who is rashid khalidi?’ “Jerimiah was a bullshit racist and I helped him drink his WHINE”. ‘I really, really like Netanyahu’ and Jews’. Keystone, nahhh, we got Arabs and other stuffs’. And on and on and on and on..


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