South Africa 1652 to 2015 an interlude according to Fatso

Sir Ike presents..

Jaksonian Philosophy

I could tell you more about Fatso but I will need a vomit bag if I do that and I don’t really want to bore you, thus assume that you all know that Fatso is the current incumbent President of the ANC and South Africa.

So I give you Fatso from his most recent speech on White People and the reaction he didn’t expect It all comes from an email via Bangkok Thailand, verbatim no editing:

On January 10, 2015 at 5:49 pm, something for your blood pressure in South Africa.

In a speech in Cape Town on Friday evening the 9th of January 2015, President Jacob Zuma made the following statement:

“Jan van Riebeeck’s arrival in Cape Town was the beginning of all South Africa’s problems.”

Never in the history of the world have I heard a Head of State so clearly saying to a part of the population of his country:…

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