“Be more” PROGRESSIVE, is what the headline should have stated..

Progressives’ answer to 2014 midterm election results? Be more liberal

http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/224276-progressives-answer-to-2014-be-more-liberal By Ben Kamisar

But there is a model for Democrats looking to win tight races with a progressive message: Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown. Despite his record as one of the most liberal senators, Brown embraced that reputation and sailed to reelection in 2012.

“Democrats need to make clear who we are fighting for and what we’re fighting against and draw distinctions,” he said in an emailed statement. 

If you remember what you stand for and who you are fighting for, you don’t have to move to the center – wherever that happens to be at any moment.

What Sherrod Brown stated in the immediate above high lighted in RED is called..


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