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Consider the alternative to a strong US.

Spot On, Mate!

The mind is an unexplored country.

(Brazenly nicked from The Australian, where the article is paywalled)

By Greg Sheridan.

FOR 50 years, since quite early in the Vietnam War, the Left side of politics all over the world has been united in the desire for a weaker America. There were pockets of similar sentiment on the Right, ­elements of which had nativist ­objections to America’s power, cultural objections to its ­immigrant openness or a general jealousy of its shining success.

But it was on the Left that a whole theory of international ­relations grew up which put US power at the heart of all global evils. Why was there Third World poverty? Because of American economic neo-imperialism. Why did people die in war? American militarism. Why was the planet’s environment being ravaged? American capitalism.

This theoretical paradigm was and remains adaptable for all circumstances. Thus, some Australian commentators, albeit of surpassing fatuousness, blame China’s recent aggressiveness…

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But, YOU make “hating” EASY, “light skinned” (thanks hairy), incompetent, racist, neo-marxist, Jew Hating, islammie loving bastard..

Amie Parnes / The Hill:30 minutes ago

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Why Is Asshat barry, speaking about the Ukraine..

..Oh Wait , I know, because everything in the United barry Republic, is just fucking dandy..

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Ahh yes, Sniffling Crying johnny got his ATTA BOY. How sweet..



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Tooo bad Tahmooressi, you are the ONLY ONE, barry won’t let in…


U.S. urges release of journalists detained in Iran

guess barry just doesn’t like you, Tahmooressi.. if you WERE ILLEGAL, instead of a U.S. Citizen AND A MARINE..WELCOME!

#MARINEHELDINMEXICO: Q&A on Tahmooressi case
FULL COVERAGE: #MarineHeldInMexico


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Do believe the word duplicity would fit. That word also describes the present U.S. administration..

US sales to Russia have only RISEN since ‘sanctions’ imposed…

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barry smiles, when he isn’t digging up some golf course that is..

Hey barry and moochelle, why don’t you introduce some of these fine young gentlemen, to your daughters..


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Look at it this way people, IF you wreck it, you can use it to line your oven racks..

Ford announces pricing for aluminum 2015 F-150


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