It is way above my pay grade as to why, how, who, went, or when..

Fox adult ANY adult could leave their young child or infant, locked in a vehicle alone, regardless the temperature or circumstances. This lovely young woman, just may have THE ANSWER. AND she will or should become the next BILLIONAIRE, beside that GOOFY LOOK Zuckerberg.

A Teen With A Mission: Not One More Child Killed In A Hot Car

Alissa Chavez is riding the wave of sudden fame with a big smile on her face. At 17, she has patented a device she hopes will achieve her dreamed goal of not having one more child die because it was accidentally forgotten in a car by a busy parent.

Her “Hot Seat” works through a seemingly very simple mechanism. It is a sensor wrapped in a pad that needs to be placed underneath the cover of the car seat. This sensor communicates with a key fob and sounds a loud alarm whenever two things simultaneously happen: the sensor perceives any pressure, and key fob and sensor are more than 40 feet away from each other.





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