The Most Critical “Too Late” Red Flag Was (and will be in the future) Severe Psychiatric Disorders that were overlooked by “parents” and ALL involved with these LOONIES!!!

But wait, there’s more! AND if you call within the next 30 minutes We Will Toss In A Set of, you know the rest..

The Isla Vista Shooter’s Checkered Family Past: ‘Life-Changing’ Divorce at Age 7, Therapy by 8

Whenever a young person engages in a mass shooting, media scrutiny immediately falls on the parents – particularly when, as with Elliott Rodger, there was a long history of mental illness. In this case, a checkered family history marked by consistent but sporadic attempts to find help ended in tragedy. Here is what we know about the shooter’s relationship with his parents:

Los Angeles Times:
In Isla Vista, red flags came too late

You mean like this TOO LATE Red Flag Los Angeles Times?

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