Arseclowns continue to proliferate despite the best efforts of government. Oh, wait a minute…

Incredible outrage for one woman and her family.

The mind is an unexplored country.

These guys are employed by the government! Well! That’s certainly a surprise!

Paco carried on his blog the story of yet another TSA public relations triumph. A woman who suffered a stroke some years ago was kept off a flight from Los Angeles to Phoenix because her driver’s licence was expired.

Furthermore she was unable to speak when the TSA creep demanded she give her name.  Despite the pleadings of her sister, the lady was forced to Plan B: a bus journey of eight hours.

The TSA is all ‘Could have been handled differently’ and ‘We’ll do better next time.’ Which doesn’t fool anyone. Certainly not me Not since I was given access to this transcript from a TSA recruiting session.

“Let’s talk about people skills… Stanley, how would you describe your people skills? Strong, average or poor?”

“People? I [deleted] hate people. All the [deleted]s ever do is…

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