Back to realities in the U.S. One CBS anchor called the measures “a little ridiculous.”..

Reporters Held to 4 Minutes With President By Countdown Clock, Standing Up…


According to a local CBS Arizona affiliate, President Obama and his team have 3 tactics to make sure reporters stick to the 4 minutes the White House has allotted them to interview the leader of the world: a countdown clock, a looming aide, and they have to conduct the interview with the president while standing up. 

I could be in error BUT isn’t this ‘behavior by edict’ directed at the Progressive U.S. media by this intellectually void, incompetent individual, with indications that the ‘incompetent’ is A MENTAL disorder, similar to what this SAME U.S. Progressive media is jumping up and down, holding its collective breath concerning Vladimir Putin and the Ukrainian situation?

You know, ‘the return to THE days of Josef Stalin’s Soviet’!?


How about U.S. media’s OVER fixation and coverage, concerning the disappearance of the Malaysian Airline flight!?

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