The difference between Progressives spying on ANY opposition AND Progressives spying on Progressives..

And yet these ardent followers of ONE PARTY RULE in the U.S., (Democrats?) condemn the Russian/Ukraine confrontation?

Need more proof that the Progressive thought process, is an incurable disease?

Alicia Budich / CBS News:

Democrats convinced Darrell Issa can’t hold Lois Lerner in contempt

Deirdre Walsh / CNN:

Pelosi: Alleged CIA spying on Senate committee ‘appalling’  —

Washington (CNN) – House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi on Thursday called recent allegations of CIA spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee “pretty appalling” and said the agency’s response to the controversy has been “befuddling” so far.

BTW! Notice that foul female BOSSY BITCH from (Why hasn’t California EARTHQUAKED ITSELF INTO THE PACIFIC YET?) smiling and leading PROTEST THEE, BUT NOT ME..

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