Although this Leftist does type of Democrats being a part of The “Enemy”, no where in..

..his typing does he mention Democrats as part of his typed “enemy” there exists, not even a HINT of “mention”, concerning a vile rotten AND former NAZI assistant George Soros, in Georgie’s continued funding of MILLIONS AND MILLIONS and MILLIONS “bashing” anything or anyone that is NOT considered a Democrat. Equate “democrats” with the PROGRESSIVE LEFT! 

Bill / The Hill:

Bill Press: Democrats’ Enemy No. 1 

Democrats have a big job in 2014: they need to hold onto control of the Senate, win back leadership of the House, and elect Democratic governors and state legislators in key states.  But to get there, they face one big obstacle.
Arrayed against them will be an obscene amount of money. The dreaded Koch brothers alone, who spent $400 million in 2012 bashing President Obama and Democratic candidates, are expected to raise and spend just as much, if not more, in 2014. They’re already running TV spots against several incumbent senators and House members they deem vulnerable.
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