Professionally known as Пирс Морган and other completely irritating LEFT of Center stuff..

Oh, umm, Пирс Морган, is the name of this Lefty shit stirrer in Russian. Seems, from what I have read, that the Brits cheered when he came to the ‘colonies’. Question is: When do WE in the colonies get the same damn chance, as he leaves?

Then, there is this gem.

Everything You Need To Know About The Growing Crisis In Ukraine

Why it matters

Analysts contend that the protests represent the continued break from the old Soviet system and signal the countries lurch towards greater democracy and openness. The demonstrations have also “brought to the forefront a new generation of protesters that grew up in an independent Ukraine and have faint — if any — memories of the Soviet Union. They see themselves as Europeans, they are disillusioned with politics as usual, and they feel increasingly at odds with establishment opposition figures.”


The question should be, why does a PROGRESSIVE organization REJECT “memories of the Soviet Union”?

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