Merry Christmas Mr. Williams AND Orlando. Absolutely Damn Fantastic!

Obligatory blind man gets to keep loyal dog post

POSTED AT 5:36 PM ON DECEMBER 18, 2013   BY 

Blind man Cecil Williams speaks about his service dog Orlando as his partner Cynthia holds the leash during a press conference in New York

As a resident of the Empire State I give the government here (and the people who keep electing these clowns) a lot of grief, particularly when it comes to the downstate alternate universe of New York City. But even I will admit that there are moments when the Big Apple shrugs off all of its worms and shows the heart that I used to know and love. The media has been covering the story of the blind man who fell onto the subway tracks with his loyal dog jumping in after him. He was, as it turns out, about to lose the heroic canine who had reached retirement age.

The public has ponied up $45K in donations and the dog will stay with Mr. Williams as his pet, even as he gets a new guide dog. It’s Christmas in New York and sometimes there’s still a little magic on 34th street.


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