The TRUTH About Preexisting Conditions.

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C. Steven

President Obama and other members of the Democrat party have been repeating ad nauseum since 2008 that “health insurance companies can raise your premiums when you get sick” and “health insurance companies can cancel your coverage when you get sick”. The truth is that Public Law 104-191 (HIPAA) has prohibited such actions by any insurer for more than 17 years, long before Obamacare was ever written. To add insult to injury, the president told the following LIES during a joint session of congress. Watch what he said below:

Really Mr. president? Here’s the truth from Politifact the Chicago Sun Times and Fox News. Watch their coverage below:

Then there was the LIE the president told about his own mother. In 2008 and again in the film created for Barack Obama entitled “The Road We’ve Traveled” narrated by Tom Hanks. Watch him tell this lie in the video below:

In the…

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