Jesse trying to take center stage, again. Seems like his ego was badly injured by Al, Idiot of one name and the rest of the ‘I’m Black’ crowd..

Oh My! Uhh, Jessee old boy, while you are ‘on the line to the un, umm, ask them WHY the above headline exists within your circle of Black RACISTS!?
Umm, Jesse, while calling on the un, ask why they more then likely are still raping African women and uhh, you know..wink, wink KILLING Africans. Outside of having a HALF-BLACK in office, the un has NO DAMN SAY SO concerning the United States of America!
As to THE 3.0, I’d say this persons testimony did MORE to CONVICT her “boyfriend” and Barry’s “SON! What your 3.0 indicates IS, the very sad state of the U.S. educational system, thanks in very large part to what is referred to as a union, but what it is, IS (Clinton’esque ain’t it) a Politburo wrapped inside a MUCH larger Politburo, headquartered in Washington D.C…
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