Aren’t SANE Americans completely tired of Black Racists and especially islamic Black racists of the MAYBE BARRY type, ruining our nation?!

 Immigration Pressure Group, USCIS Desecrate American Flag

Spoken word poet Malik Yusef performed the Star-Spangled Banner at a June 13 naturalization ceremony in Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago on June 13 in a unique, “jihadist-chic” style as part of the city’s Flag Day observances. The Chicago Sun-Times captured Yusef’s bizarre performance in the image above, but did not comment on it.

Have U ever heard the national anthem performed SPOKEN WORD style? Well u will 2day, downtown CHICAGO #IMAGRATIONRIHGTS #goodmusic

— Malik Yusef (@malikyusef) June 13, 2013

In his performance, Yusef desecrated the American flag, wrapping it around his head as if it were an intifada-style Arab kaffiyeh, then recited the anthem as local dignitaries, such as Miss Chicago 2013, Savannah Teegarden, looked on helplessly.

Seventy-seven new American citizens likely wondered what, exactly, they had just sworn allegiance to, and why.

The ceremony was co-hosted by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and theIllinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights–one of the pressure groups supporting the “Gang of Eight” immigration bill.

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