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‘And WHEN elected, I WILL collect EVERY weapon my brothers and sisters have in every area of Chicago’. UhHuh, Yep, Bank On It! ‘Umm, Santa Bloomberg, I need a few more millions’. Ooops, open mike dumb Jew white boy. Followed by hysterical background laughter..


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Don’t have any idea if this picture of an Angry Mulatto produces even MORE revulsion OF the Angry Mulatto, but that is exactly how I feel..

 Being familiar with this type of person and ACT from and on city streets in younger days, I can visualize his parents knocking on MY parents door, complaining that I kicked Barry’s ass up and down Bremen Street, (west side area), Buffalo, NY.

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As long as he takes residence and stays, YES!

PAPER: Should Obama go to Iran?

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“Almost daily we witness things that make no sense. A few examples, from the profound to the trivial.”

Explaining the Inexplicable VDH

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Excellent Question, David Webb..

President Petulant aka Barack Hussein Obama  by DAVID WEBB

I’m sick of repeating myself but … as I stated in January 2009, Obama lacks the requisite experience to be POTUS. In 2012 I warned American that if given a second term we would see an unleashed, unrestricted political despot. 

When will President Petulant stop campaigning and try to govern?

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Powerful Cyclone Rusty nears Australia. Hey mates, get the hell outta’ the way !



Your allegiance to islam is once again apparent obama. You ARE a disgusting individual..

US oil imports from Middle East increase

By Ajay Makan

The US was more reliant on the Middle East for its oil imports last year, underscoring the critical importance of the politically unstable region for the country despite the growing energy independence its shale gas revolution is bringing.

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