‘Better to fart and bear the shame, then to hold the fart and bear the pain’.

The mind is an unexplored country.



Spare socks…

And now: nose plugs.

FARTING, cutting the cheese, letting her rip, breaking wind – whatever you call it, experts say it’s better out than in even on a plane.
A team of Danish and British gastroenterologists produced a paper on flatulence on planes after one of them, Jacob Rosenberg, was inspired on a flight between Copenhagen and Tokyo…

14 hours in the air from the east coast of Australia to the west coast of the US. Sure hope you’ll be there if I need you, Samuel L Jackson.

Give those experts credit for this, anyway: they finally said it loud and clear. The truth that half the population refuses to confront.

…the odour – AND WOMEN’S FARTS SMELL WORSE THAN MEN’S – may impair cabin service and thus the quality of life aboard the aircraft.

So there. Science says it’s so.

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