Hackers publish private information about church members following news that it would picket the Newtown school VIDEO. Courtesy Gregoryno6, an Aussie lad..

Anonymous hit Westboro Baptist Church over Sandy Hook picket plans

Hacker collective Anonymous were swift to respond, releasing private information of  Westboro members including email addresses, phone numbers and home addresses. This video, decrying the church for spreading “seeds of hatred.” The video warns, “We will destroy you. We are coming.”

Should this occur,Westboro, it is well deserved.

  1. #1 by JP on December 17, 2012 - 9:35 AM

    Nahh. These brave westboro’ites posted a BRING IT! to the Anon group. I don’t believe the westboro’ites know what they could be up against. The “general population” is reaching a point, where picketing our brave service member funerals, will NOT be tolerated.

  2. #2 by purpleborough on December 17, 2012 - 9:09 AM

    You post relevant information that sometimes we, in the general population, never hear. I thought it was only the Catholic Church.

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