Thank you for your support mayor bloomberg and governor christie, UR grateful leader, barry. How is that reconstruction coming anyway?

Dems’ Sandy relief package sends millions to Smithsonian, NASA…and more

The Obama administration’s $60-billion emergency aid package for victims of superstorm Sandy is now caught in the crossfire over the “fiscal cliff,” with some critics questioning why millions of dollars are directed to areas far from the epicenter of the storm.

The request, which still needs the approval of Congress, includes billions in urgently needed aide. But it also features some surprising items:  $23 million for tree plantings to “help reduce flood effects, protect water sources, decrease soil erosion and improve wildlife habitat” in forested areas touched by Sandy; $2 million to repair roof damage at Smithsonian buildings in Washington that pre-dates the storm; $4 million to repair sand berms and dunes at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida; and $41 million for clean-up and repairs at eight military bases along the storm’s path, including Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The FBI is seeking $4 million to replace “vehicles, laboratory and office equipment and furniture,” while Customs and Border Protection wants $2.4 million to replace “destroyed or damaged vehicles, including mobile X-Ray machines.”


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  1. #1 by JP on December 14, 2012 - 11:43 AM

    Steamed? Gee, I missed that. LOL.

    You are very much on the front line my warrior, specifically because your area was directly affected. With all of the Leftist “news” OK, propaganda outlets focusing on Rice, Susan not Condi, racism, sexism (I need free pills Sandra), whether an athlete is “cornball”, or a business founder and operator (Gosh, forgot “you didn’t build that”) pummeled and his property destroyed was telling the truth (which he WAS) your knowledge, just how are those reconstruction, for property owners and businesses coming along? The lives lost due to Sandy, feh. Dead, gone, fughetaboutit.

    With the dilution of funds/efforts, as the article indicates, it would seem that a lot is going to go by the wayside.

    Ahh yes, Butterball® “governor of New Jersey”.

  2. #2 by bydesign001 on December 14, 2012 - 10:23 AM

    Oh yes JP, those gosh darned RINO’s, starting with the flipflopping jackrabbit governor of New Jersey. Preparing to send this article to every Progressive in New York. Of course, that would probably entail about 50 emails on my behalf. Not sure what the group limit of senders might be on hotmail and gmail.

    I just had this discussion with an ardent Obama “can’t help it supporter” last Saturday. She’s going to getting a special email from me. It will be the equivalent of rubbing a dog’s nose in his or her mess.

    As you can tell patriot, this revelation has me really steamed.

  3. #3 by JP on December 14, 2012 - 9:44 AM

    Hey Lady BD patriot, same back at ya’, “happy, sparkly day.” 🙂

    Uhh, “arse” isn’t the only area that desperately needs “swift kicks”. Dunno’ about you, but the “swift kicks” definitely need to be directed at umm, what is the term used..oh yeah, RINO’s!

  4. #4 by bydesign001 on December 14, 2012 - 9:24 AM

    Good morning JP.

    Okay now I’m pissed off. All of the dumb f***s who re-elected the Communist dipwad squatting in the Oval Office needs several good swift kicks in the arse. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How much more proof do we need that when the government gets involved bad things happen?

    While we’re at it let’s say thank you to all the stupid Sandy victims who while living in the cold and dark allowed themselves to be bused out Election Day to the freeziing, unlit FEMA tents to vote for their messiah. Hence, they are getting the treatment they voted for.

    As for you my patriot, have a “happy, sparkly day.” 🙂

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