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This Article Headline in a South African “e-news” publication called Fin24 attracted my attention.

 StanChart in $340m Iran settlement

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Standard Chartered will pay $340m to New York’s bank regulator over transactions linked to Iran, in a speedily arranged deal likely to cheer its shareholders.

StanChart CEO takes charge of Iran talks

Cover-up, not Iran, may nail StanChart

StanChart attack ‘a US conspiracy’

What was the whole deal?  Guess $340m times 10, giving you over $3bn; or add two more zeroes for over $3 trillion.  Be my guest.

 Now just think about it; it’s all over in days.  Money flashes over the Internet in mille-seconds.  However, think about the logistics for the “crime” and the hardware required to move the bounty for which the little fine is offered to squash prosecution for the crime.

 A last question, please?  Why don’t we hear a word from

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