All below Via Drudge..

This means TWO Anti-Semites speak at the Lefty Convention, guess who the other one is..Internal Emails: Geithner, Treasury killed pensions of 20,000 non-union auto workers…Pro-Obama Ad Ties Romney — to CANCER!Harvey Weinstein on Obama: ‘The Paul Newman of American Presidents’…Whinestein is correct, “Paul Newman” is an ACTOR, but an INFINITELY  better one then #44..Activist Sandra Fluke will intro Obama at campaign stop… Developing…Guys, don’t forget the rubbers! Ladies, K-Y if you need it! Ladies, Make sure your PILLS are up to date! Oh ms. fluck, careful now, watch for that premature evacuation or somethin’..And Lastly..

WORK IT: First Lady To Make Third Appearance On Leno……Has 44 and his wife EVER LOOKED AT a camera, that they didn’t play to? BOTH must NOW be “So Proud”, correct Mrs. 44?

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