Now you know why 44 didn’t speak at the naacp conference. He gave a pass to Black and Illegal Mexican drug dealers, to continue doing business as usual, which includes killing any and all, that get in their way, ‘cuase he gonna’ pays dem, regarles..


You can add this news to the 44 decision:





When President Clinton signed the bipartisan-crafted Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program into law nearly 16 years ago, its work requirement was hailed as an ‘end to welfare as we know it’ — now Republicans charge President Obama’s under-the-radar effort to end the work requirement is a ‘blatant violation of the law.’

HHS made the announcement in a policy memo Thursday, news that slipped well below the radar amid a raucous day on the presidential campaign trail. But a few prominent GOP lawmakers on Capitol Hill picked up on the change, and accused the administration of overhauling one of the most important bipartisan agreements of the past several decades. 

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