thees pancho gravilla wetbac ees how u say juan, stoopid, jes stoopid, fat en swety..

  1. #1 by Yojimbo on March 1, 2012 - 12:10 PM

    Well, that’s my congressman. Some of us are just truly blessed with good representative leadership. We almost had him in 2010 but, just as with the Giffords contest, the Libertarians took too many votes away from us. A completely unknown Tea Partier out of Raytheon with not political experience nearly got him. If the momentum would’e started just a few weeks earlier we would have had him. The Republican Party gave her no support whatsoever until the very last.

    Actually, I have a good thng to say about McCain here. He had a very easy re-election run and didn’t have to spend any money. He used money out of his re-election campaign to do commercials for Arizona Republicans, and maybe for other states, as well, I don’t know. McCain and Kyl appeared together in commercials helping out. Unfortunately, that was just too late as well. Too bad he didn’t start that earlier for her. I know it was late because I voted for the Libertarian Senate candidate for that race(actually a really solid conservative candidate). I mailed my ballot in just before these commercials started or I would have voted for him. That’s how I know it was so late. About two-thirds of the way through the election she started getting money from Tea Party sources and she exploded in the polls forcing the little nitwit to start spending money. And let’s not leave corruption of the process out of it either. The district is two-thirds dem and they had to do a lot of late counting so how do you thnk that would come out?

    Rant concluded

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