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June 28, 2011
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Top 5 Stories on RealClearPolitics
Two Problems: Weak Economy, Too Much Debt – Ron Klain, Bloomberg
For two years, polls have shown that the American people have two strongly held beliefs. First, they think the president should do more to create jobs…
Meaningful Reform: The New Jersey Miracle – Cal Thomas, DC Examiner
Something astonishing happened in New Jersey last week. A majority Democratic legislature and a Republican governor agreed on a measure that will cu…
Obama Enters Debt Talks – Kane & Helderman, Washington Post
President Obama formally entered debt talks Monday with a pair of Oval Office meetings with Senate leaders, hoping that face-to-face talks could set…
The Deficit Is Worse Than We Think – Lawrence Lindsey, Wall St. Journal
Washington is struggling to make a deal that will couple an increase in the debt ceiling with a long-term reduction in spending. There is no reason …
Has America Lost Its Edge? – Roger Cohen, New York Times
The philosopher Isaiah Berlin once remarked that the United States was “aesthetically inferior but morally superior” to Europe. On the aesth…
More Opinion and Analysis
Palin Not Reaching Out to Key Iowans Ahead of Visit – Scott Conroy
WATERLOO, Iowa — Sarah Palin appears to be designing her impending visit to Iowa to be as low-key as possible. The former Alaska governor is slated…
In Iowa, Bachmann Highlights Her Tea Party Appeal – Scott Conroy
WATERLOO, Iowa — As early-morning clouds parted just in time to create a picture-perfect setting, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann officially entered…
White House Says Obama Fundraising Appeal Not Illegal – Alexis Simendinger
President Obama appealed to supporters and donors in a videotaped message emailed by his campaign team to millions of people Monday — a message film…

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