OK, I’m officially worried. We have an individual, that is completely inept holding..

..the highest political office in the land. And that’s his strong point. He has a socialist philosophy. He backtracks on just about, if not everything he has stated. He rules by *decree, totally circumventing the principles this nation was founded on, yet the field against this person is incredibly weak.

On top of that, this incredibly weak field is engaged in fighting and bickering amongst themselves. There is NO clear and sensible PLAN or PLANS, being articulated to rectify where our nation stands. That isn’t going to cut it, against a well funded Obama, his unions, his mainstream media and the Left, led by George Soros.

Obama came into office, decrying EVERYTHING that George W. Bush did and yet adopted just about everything that GWB, did. On top of that, involved us in two ADDITIONAL Middle East hostilities without ANY oversight, *(see decree) costing America God knows how much money AND it’s money this nation does NOT have.

Our nation has, by all accounts a jobs picture worse than the Depression Era. A deficit we may NEVER see reduced. Confusing, if not outright unworkable “fixes” and all he mouths IS, “it’s going to take some time”.

Race relations at a fever pitch nasty, seeming headed for one hell of a nasty confrontation. Obama is totally vulnerable and what does the opposition have to counter the above, NOTHING!







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  1. Well now, “winning over weary Republicans” is one hell of strategy for unseating Obama. Yep, sure is, not.. « et cetera*

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