Piracy will stay, since the world allows piracy to stay..

The Somali’s in this boat, should be dead, D.E.A.D. Not quite sure on the history of the Barbary Pirate thingy. I’m going to have to dig and find how many of those pirates back then were held for trial. Why gosh, if Obama and Holder have their way, that court in NYC, is gonna’ be REAL busy.

Terrorists and pirates. Look at it this way, NYC..Increased business and since the “ground zero mosque” will be built, why the Islamists will love you..

Why high-seas piracy is here to stay

Answer to the piracy:

“The problem is being addressed right now only from the sea,” Nikolas Gvosdev, a professor at the U.S. Naval War College, said in a recent radio discussion on piracy. “We are trying to deter attacks. We are trying to protect ships. But the problem lies on land. It lies in villages and port cities, in ungoverned spaces where…this is a profitable business. It is essentially the main driver for revenue in Somalia.”

Tough to beat genius level thinking, isn’t it? “But the problem lies on land

Genius, pure genius, it is..


  1. History and Piracy, and other asymetric threats « Daly History Blog

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