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Truth be known, Obama was born in The Bow’ery..

Another Black Conservative via Hot Air..Who’s ya daddy? Obama bows to Gov. Chris Christie


Here is an Obama Bow that I too agree with. Perhaps Obama was merely acknowledging Chris Christie’s superior Chief Executive skills.  Chris Christie is not one to let politics stand in the way of doing the right thing for the people. He knows how to fight the special interest by giving them a taste of their own medicine.

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It’s Limbaugh’s fault. Didn’t watch it all, GWB’S name may have come up, also..

Team Obama, in the did too, did not realm..

WSJ video via The Corner/NRO..The White House press secretary slams the talk-radio host

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Gosh, I wonder why Obama? Could it possibly be, escape from your reality?

Gallup Poll..U.S. Drinking Rate Edges Up Slightly to 15-Year High

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Kool & The Gang – Let’s Go Dancing (Ooh, La, La, …

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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TLC – Waterfalls (1995)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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The Little One, Must Be Saying “It’s cause I’m Black, right Shelia”?..You should hang your heads in shame, Aussie’s..

Fox News Slide Show..Nature’s Midgets/World’s Smallest Critters

Look how dejected this little one is..

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The Left Can Get Away With Any Damn Thing They Want.IT’S, Wrong and BS..

Pajamas Media..BREAKING: Sen. Leahy (D-VT) Denies Senate Judiciary Request to Investigate New Black Panther Case

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Correct me if I err, but isn’t Rangel A “public servant”, OR is the word “servant” RACIAL in this instance?

You know, kinda’ like Bill Clinton’s “look a few years ago, this guy would be serving us coffee”. DAMN! Forgot, when DEM’S say or do such things..It’s A-OK!

The Hill..Ethics subcommittee recommends reprimand for Rangel

There was no recommendation for punishment listed in the lengthy report issued by Green’s panel on Thursday.

Green also suggested Rangel was not as close to reaching a settlement as had been suggested.

“There were lots of rumors, but there were no offers [among members] over the last two weeks,” he said.

A deal would have avoided the public trial, likely to begin in mid-September, that Rangel now faces. 

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