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The Creeping Homegrown Threat…by Steve Emerson

The arrest of seven North Carolinians on conspiracy charges shows, says Steve Emerson, how the U.S. is becoming like Europe, where homegrown terror plots get stopped—or not—seemingly every week.
This week’s arrest of seven North Carolina residents, including Daniel Boyd and his two sons, on charges of supporting terrorism and conspiracy to commit murder abroad, showed how the problem of homegrown Islamic terrorism is far more rampant than the media or the public is aware of. Just look at the major cases in the past year alone:

The sweeping conviction of Hamas officials for conspiring to support terrorism overseas.
The cases of young Somali teenagers raised in the U.S. going overseas to become suicide bombers.

The Boyd case in North Carolina proves that radical Islamic ideology transcends economic class problems as has been claimed by pointy-headed sociologists. The Boyd family was white, had a middle-class existence, and had the economic opportunities afforded all Americans—just like most of the terrorists cited above—and yet chose to engage in jihad to the point that Daniel Boyd was willing to send his two kids on suicide missions to Israel.

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It’s All Relative: The Obama/HuffPo Connection Tightens

Obama’s banging Arianna? WOW!

Whatever happened to good old-fashioned American know-how, pulling yourself up from the bootstraps, proving to the world you have the mettle to succeed on your own raw talent? If you’re Paris Hilton or, say, the Huffington Post — none of those good ol’ values amount to a hill of beans! The Huffington Post, the website famous for slapping left-wing bias on mainstream news, recently hired Ethan Axelrod — you may have heard of his dad, David Axelrod: the celebrated image-maker of the Obama campaign. Given the Huffington Post is all snuggles with the Obama Administration, the news might come as no surprise.

Lefty-types are always making room for their own, so long as you have a famous last name or a privileged pedigree. For a bunch that loves to push for “universalizing” and “leveling the playing field,” they sure are elitist! This is the world where Anderson Cooper, scion of Gloria Vanderbilt, is handed the keys to CNN. Al Gore’s daughter Kristin nabs a dream job writing for Matt Groening’s “Futurama” straight out of college. Oh sure, it helped that Poppa Gore agreed to guest star twice (but only if his young daughter could direct). Gore went on to appear as a disembodied head (yes, the show ‘jumped the shark’). Is Huffington Post banking on access to daddy Axelrod’s head, too? ‘Wink, wink,’ welcome aboard Ethan…

While most twenty-somethings are scratching heads struggling to pay student loans, or dulling the pain of graduating smack in the middle of one of the worst economies in a generation, Axelrod’s lad and many more celebuspawn have found a gravy train over at the Huffington Post… “Ethan, let us introduce you to Nicholas Graham (of the Washington Post Grahams), Elyssa Spitzer (you remember her famous dad Eliot) — oh, and here’s Tom Hanks’ daughter Liz!” Sure is cozy.

Let’s be clear: being born to the rich, famous or powerful is great — more power to you! In fact, without nepotism we may never have had Liza Minelli, George Clooney, Drew Barrymore or Hank Williams Jr. But you wonder: does the Axelrod hire make the Huffington Post an adjunct arm of the Obama 2012 re-election campaign? After all, it is worth noting he is to be the Editor of the Huffington Post’s Colorado edition. Heady stuff for a fresh-faced college kid — what qualifies him to be editor anyway? Yearbook experience? A cool Facebook page? Oh yeah, I keep forgetting — his dad runs Obama’s campaigns.

You remember Colorado – the Red State Obama is turning Blue — dumping millions of dollars there for a win in 2008 (well done Poppa Axelrod!). No doubt, Ethan’s role as Editor will establish a liberal media bulkhead right in the heart of Denver. Ethan told the Washington Post, “I’ve been interested in journalism for a while.” Really — who knew there were journalists at Huffington Post?! I know, I know, the kid is green… not to pick on his poor choice of words, but he IS going to be editing for one of the largest outlets for commentary in the nation. So, let’s at least get the job description straight, shall we? I think it reads something like this: Wanted — Editor for Obama’s stealthy online and messaging arm in a 2012 battleground state — relatives who run Obama’s re-election campaign a plus.

As for the untold countless others out there cashing in on moms, dads, aunts and uncles — c’est la vie. Who can blame them in today’s tough times? Like Ethan Axelrod so honestly said of snagging the Huffington Post gig, “I heard through my father that they were expanding, so I applied for it.” Calls to David Axelrod and Arianna Huffington from media organizations curious about motives and favoritism in hiring were not returned.

But an echo could be heard from a distant ivory tower: “Let them eat cake!”

One would have to make the assumption that “cake” isn’t the ONLY thing eaten, if you catch my drift.

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China bans bad breath in space: report…What About Farts??

Bad breath is enough to fail the test to enter China’s manned space programme, state media said Sunday — but the final green light for blast-off is given by the hopeful astronaut’s wife.

China only wants to send the best of the best into orbit, meaning unfortunate personal smell is sufficient reason to get disqualified right away, the website reported.

“Bad body odour will affect the colleagues in the narrow confines of a space shuttle,” said Shi Binbin, a doctor with the 454th Air Force Hospital in the east Chinese city of Nanjing.

A runny nose is also a definite obstacle to joining China’s space race for much the same reason, according to the report.

The hospital recently completed a rigorous first screening of candidates, who had to satisfy 100 requirements, to eliminate those obviously unfit to serve China in space.

But the battery of tests were only the first of three aimed at selecting China’s new breed of astronauts that will pick up from the pioneers chosen in 1997.

Discarded early in the process were those with scars — as they may burst open in the extreme conditions in space, the report said. And candidates must also show they have no family history of serious illnesses going back three generations.

But the biggest hurdle may yet lie ahead – as any prospective astronaut’s wife will have the final say.

If she does not like the idea of her husband going into space, he will not be allowed to enter the programme — no matter how he has performed up until then, the report added.
China became the third nation to put a man in space when Yang Liwei piloted the one-man Shenzhou-5 space mission in 2003.

Last September, the Shenzhou-7, piloted by three “taikonauts” or astronauts, carried out China’s first space walk.

China will launch a space module next year and carry out the nation’s first space docking in 2011 as a step towards its goal of building a space station, state media said earlier.

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To those NEW to E-blogger….

….clicking on the TITLE of the post, links directly to the source…Well, except for this one, naturally…GEEZ!

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Hugo Chavez Pulls 34 Radio Stations Off the Air

Say, isn’t Hugo a ‘Friend of Obama’s’? Gosh, the smear attacks on people such as Limbaugh, Palin and Fox News, NOW seem to have a portend of things to come HERE.

Similar to muzzling of the GOP representatives…Hmmm. Good luck, peoples.

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Remains of U.S. Pilot Missing 18 Years in Iraq Found

The Armed Forces Institute of Pathology has positively identified the remains of Captain Michael “Scott” Speicher, whose disappearance has bedeviled investigators since his jet was shot down over the Iraq desert on the first night of the 1991 war.

Rest in Peace, Michael “Scott” Speicher.

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Shuttered factories, shattered lives in US rust belt

Weeds have not had time to overtake factories shuttered in the wake of recent bankruptcies at General Motors, Chrysler and a host of suppliers, but the signs of shattered lives are spreading as the economically devastated region, dubbed “the rust belt” after its steel industry, fails to absorb the collapse of the auto industry.

Long lines at the unemployment offices. Empty shelves at the food banks. Boarded up businesses. Homes lost to foreclosure, their contents strewn on the street.

Well now, you people must really adore Obama and what he has accomplished for you, right Carl Levin?

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Dems Censor GOP Lawmakers on What They Can, Can’t Say on Health Care

Surely you jest? No, really this is a joke, correct?

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