Well now, this should be “fair and balanced”, huh?

Media starting to focus on Romney’s religion

BuzzFeed via  http://hotair.com/


Rev. O’Neal Dozier, a black conservative pastor atWorldwide Christian Center Church in Pompano Beach, Florida, has been an outspoken critic of Romney’sracist religion,and told BuzzFeed he knows many 2008 Obama voters in the black evangelical community whose support for the president is wavering. But once they learn about the racial history of Romney’s faith, Dozier predicts they will “simply dance back toward Obama.

Question, Dozier.

Which “racist religion” was the one hanging blacks on trees? Could it have been CHRISTIAN? My answer: Gosh, it sure was!

“Look, there are blacks that are undecided about whether they want to vote for Barack Obama again,” said Dozier. “Having Mitt Romney as the nominee would just validate the stereotyping philosophy already in the hearts of many black people that the Republican Party is prejudiced.”

Critics have dismissed Dozier’s full-throated condemnation of Romney’s faith as a political ploy to build support for Rick Santorum, whom he endorsed in the primary. But Dozier pledged to continue speaking out on the issue if Romney wins the nomination — even if it means giving Obama a second term to enact his “godless” policies.

“I believe, to be honest with you, that a Mitt Romney presidency would be worse politically, worse economically, worse socially, worse spiritually than Obama’s,” said Dozier.

The above is an image from the Boston, MA. race riots, Dozier. How about taking a stab (pardon the pun) at the “racist religion” of the nice gent with the flag?

My guesses would be Catholic or Protestant. What say you, Rev.?

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