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This Hanson guy is gonna’ make a name for himself, I tells ya’..

1979 Redux? By Victor Davis Hanson

Money line:

In short, at some point soon, we are going to have to come out and express our support for a non-Islamist constitutional state, period — without any Carter-esque talk of “moderate” Islamists.

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Two for Obi-Wan Kenobi, while tossing darts at the Egypt dartboard..


Report: Immigration law not enforced consistently
ATLANTA (AP) – Some local law enforcement agencies, particularly in the Southeast, are turning over illegal immigrants who commit even minor offenses to federal authorities for deportation, while others are focused on deporting more violent criminals, according to a report released Monday. The…




Iran summons American woman for Feb. 6 trial
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) – Iran has summoned an American woman to return to the country and stand trial on Feb. 6 along with two other Americans still in custody and accused of spying after crossing the border from Iraq, a judiciary spokesman said Monday. Their families say the Americans were just…



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Prescience after the fact. What a gift! <—This is what is known as sarcasm..

Former President Carter guesses Egypt’s Mubarak ‘will have to leave’

Carter calls Egyptian crisis ‘most profound situation in the Middle East since I left office’”

The former president, who performs work throughout the world for fair elections through The Carter Center in Atlanta, said this was not a revolution “orchestrated by extremist Muslims”.

“The Muslim brotherhood has stayed out of it,” Carter said.

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Look, a color coded terror alert system. How neat. Expect Egypt to become West Persia, with the whiz bangs we have in charge..

Russia Today: Duma talks threat levels as public grieves and gives


Incompanato Dumps It..



And the Russians pick it up..



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