Blind toddler hailed musical genius. Indeed He Is. Magnificent!

A blind toddler is being hailed a musical genius for his keyboard renditions of classical music by the likes of Tchaikovsky and Wagner.

Three-year-old Branko Dvorecky, from Ivanka pro Dunaji near the Slovak capital Bratislava, started playing after learning the Duck Tales TV theme tune by ear.

Just one year on Branko, who was born blind and has never had a piano lesson, has moved on to pop songs and excerpts from classical works such as Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde and Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.

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Protesters in Ferguson block traffic; Video shows assault of white motorist


Then as Charles Barkley stated: The “UNINTELLIGENT” Blacks!

Originally posted on Twitchy:

In Ferguson, Missouri last night, protesters stopped traffic in an area of the city. Video and photos show a white motorist who had reportedly gotten out of his car because he was frustrated that he couldn’t get home was assaulted.


It’s unclear if the police…

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‘Why won’t they show this on the news?’ Restore the Dream 2014 in Ferguson [photos]


Damn Right! The Way It Should Be..

Originally posted on Twitchy:

Restore the Dream 2014 is in Ferguson, Missouri. If you’re unfamiliar with Restore the Dream, here’s a video featuring Niger Innis, who co-founded the organization with Dr. Alveda King:

The purpose of Restore the Dream 2014:

This campaign will engage the African-American community nationwide with a simple question: “Are you better off today than you were before Hope and Change?”

Here are some photos and quotes from Restore the Dream 2014, which is in Ferguson, Missouri today:

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What, jus’ cause abu hussein obama hates your nation AND ALL of its peoples?


I mean it was jesse that said “HYMIETOWN”..Oh Wait, he a Black Boy tooooo.

Charles Barkley IS RIGHT ON TARGET!

Charles Barkley: ‘Unintelligent’ Blacks ‘Brainwashed’ To Keep Successful Black Men Down…

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Don’t Hate Me WebMD/ BUT..

..With MY WEIRD OFF THE WALL MIND, I find this recipe VERY DESCRIPTIVE of the present “leader” of the USA.

Popcorn Balls


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Silly Leftist Rag, You Are Asking A..

..rhetorical question when you ask the audience or person a question you don’t want an answer to. When you ask a question you already know the answer to, it’s called a Known Answer Question. 

Washington Post:

Could non-citizens decide the November election?  —  Could control of the Senate in 2014 be decided by illegal votes cast by non-citizens?  Some argue that incidents of voting by non-citizens are so rare as to be inconsequential, with efforts to block fraud a screen for an agenda to prevent poor …

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