Another instance of The Left’s Psychotic Obsession’s..

Eric Bradner / CNN:

Palins describe brawl in police recordings  —  Editor’s note: The audio mentioned below, obtained by CNN from police records, contains strong language.  —  Washington (CNN) — Bristol Palin describes being dragged through the grass and called a series of obscenities during a massive brawl …
Ahiza Garcia / Talking Points Memo:

The Palin Brawl Police Tapes – Annotated Edition  —  Amid the crackle and chaos of audio released by the Anchorage Police Department on Tuesday, an unmistakable voice could be heard.  —  “Did you find your necklace?” the woman could be heard saying.  “Track, that is such a God thing.  See?”

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Time has come to completely seal this area off, similar to an Ebola seal off..

..No One In, No One Out, and let this area wither away. Post signs indicating that THIS WAS ferguson, MO.

REPORT: Autopsy Reveals Michael Brown Did Not Have Hands Up When Shot…

Police Chief: ‘Very Unlikely’ Officer Wilson Charged In Ferguson Shooting…

Protester: ‘All Hell Going To Break Loose’…

AUNT: ‘They Will Feel And See The Wrath Of God’s Vengeance Come Upon Them In A Mighty Way’…

CNN Reporter Chased Off Live Broadcast…

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Uhh, err, i swear, it’s just a pimple, umm birthmark..

Davis questions GOP rival
on interracial marriage

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“accident”? Hell no, barry he smilin’. see one dems barry..

CONFUSION: U.S. air dropped weapons to ISIS by accident...



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Past Ferguson Protests. Why Look, there’s eric, al, jesse, shelia,

Police Chief: ‘Very Unlikely’ Officer Wilson Charged In Ferguson Shooting…

Protester: ‘All Hell Is Going To Break Loose’…



Something new from the fractal stew.


This Gregory Guy he’sa damna’ good..

Originally posted on The mind is an unexplored country.:

I haven’t had much inspiration for the fractal art lately. Most of the inspiration has been directed into applications for jobs for which I am highly unqualified. But I had the chance last week to meet and even shake hands with some very talented people. More about that later in the week, but maybe some of their creative energy rubbed off.
I began fooling about with fractals originally with the idea of creating mandalas. Other possibilities led me away from that idea, but now I’ve returned to it.
First original fractal work in a while: Mrs Hill’s Mandala.

Mrs Hill's Mandala

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