Uhh, I do believe I mentioned that ZO was PISSED. Well..

Zo’s Libertarian Follow-Up: Responding to the Commenters


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on November 21, 2014

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McConnell says to Boehner..Your Mrs. Making the Yummy Dressing in your TURKEY this year?


Now don’t start crying, johnny BONER!!

You know, our nation would probably do a hell of a lot better and be in top notch shape AFTER we rid the nation of Democrats AND Republicans AND replace them with The United Russian Party headed by Vladimir Putin..


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Guess What eric? You just added yourself to YOUR “Nation of Cowards”! You FORGOT TO TELL YOUR FELLOW AFRICANS To Do The Same THING!!!

Holder Tells Law Enforcement to Behave…

Ferguson Protestors Erupt, Want Officer Wilson ‘Dead’…

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What? You expected something different coming from fellow PROGRESSIVES?

Walter Dellinger / Slate:

It’s Legal  —  The underpinnings of the president’s immigration plan are anything but radical.  —  The idea that the immigration plan just announced by President Obama is a lawless power grab is absurd.  As the Justice Department legal analysis that was just released amply demonstrates …

The Oath of Office:

Realmente solemnemente juro (o afirmo) que fielmente ejecutaré la Oficina de Presidente de los Estados Unidos, y va a a lo mejor de mi Capacidad, conservar, proteger y defender la Constitución de los Estados Unidos.

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Well, SHE IS eric holder in DRAG..


AG pick Lynch may face grilling over seizing properties, experts say

Obama New AG.jpg

By   FoxNews.com

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Psssttt, Canada. In case you hadn’t noticed…

…the  South American Continent and the Central portion of the Southern Hemisphere are now your new neighbors.

Americas (orthographic projection).svg

Given the time, the GlobalDICKtator will make sure BOTH Continents, are just one big happy family. Brush up on your Spanish, EH!


el Continente sudamericano y su parte Central del Hemisferio austral son ahora sus nuevos vecinos.

Considerando el tiempo, el GlobalDICKtator se asegurará AMBOS Continentes, es solamente(justo) una familia grande feliz. ¡Cepillo encima de sobre su español, ¿CÓMO?!


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