THe BOY lookin’ like he got a damn good BUZZZZZ. Seethe…LMFAO..



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Gonna’ Take a Scientific Wild Ass Guess (SWAG) here, if proven guilty with fair trial, life sentence, rather than hanging the bastard at the nearest court house tree..

Bodies found in Gary, Ind., Oct. 2014

Oct 19, 2014, 06:35 PM GMT 40m

Discovery of a woman’s body in a Hammond, Ind., motel Friday night led police to 43-year-old Gary man who allegedly confessed to several more possible homicides, police say – @nwi


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Seems like a goodly bit of the world is making YOUR “no boots on the ground” IS making you a bigger asshat in their eyes, barry..

..but then that’s easy.

Islamic State threat in Iraq, Syria

Oct 19, 2014, 03:40 PM GMT 12m

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says Australia has reached an agreement with Iraq for its special forces to join fight against Islamic State; timing of Baghdad deployment now a military matter – @Reuters

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Ebola is a horrible deadly disease. Just as horrible and very well could be as deadly as is the Racism Fueled By The Left, CONSTANTLY..

Where’s the empathy for Ebola’s African victims?


But what is actually-really-truly behind the lack of helpfulness on the part of the international community? If you listen to right-wing pundits in the United States, we should blame Obama — who they say is having his “Katrina moment.”

Those jabs are fueled more by upcoming midterm elections than reality. And they won’t likely be quieted by Obama’s announcement on Friday that he has appointed an “Ebola czar” to manage the U.S. response.

The true devastation, however, has been unfolding in West Africa for months. And it’s the subject of far less outrage in the United States.

A more rational and deep-seated critique of the international community’s relative inaction emerged in arecent BBC interview with Kofi Annan, the former U.N. secretary general, who is from Ghana.

“If the crisis had hit some other region,” he’s quoted as telling that news organization, “it probably would have been handled very differently.

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Incompetent America Hating Frauds Covers Both He and She obama’s..


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A Must Read of Victor Davis Hanson via NRO..

What Defines ‘Hispanic’?
In a racially diverse America, we have no discernible rules for what determines one’s race.


New Mexico governor Susana Martinez is Latina — her parents were Mexican-American. But her now-desperate Democratic challenger for the governorship, Gary King, claims that Martinez “does not have a Latino heart.” Apparently for King, a self-appointed genealogist, if you do not share his liberal agenda, then you are, de facto, not Latino.

Senate majority leader Harry Reid made a similar statement in 2010, when he defined ancestry by political ideology: “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican, okay?”

The New York Times made up an absurd category for George Zimmerman, classifying him as a “white Hispanic” when it wished to gin up the Zimmerman–Trayvon Martin controversy along racial fault lines. But had Zimmerman taken his mother’s last name, Mesa, or Latinized his first name to become Jorge Zimmerman, then the New York Times might have had more trouble pulling off its racial gymnastics.

After all, Zimmerman is as Hispanic as Barack Obama is African American. But the Times would not dare dub the president, who had a white mother and African father, a “white African American.” In short, not only are racial bumper stickers sometimes cynical, but they are also hopelessly inexact.

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